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Maheva Hellwig

TheLynk Music Tech Talk #1

TheLynk Music Tech Talk #1: Are Virtual Concerts about to Rock for Real?



1/ How live streaming brought new perspectives from the beginning covid ?


Possibilities for new plateform to emerge. Redefinition to play live. Intersting period to complement live streams. Side experiments : can became a large range of opportunities to englobe more people. Connexion wi/people, paid tickets => have a link w/ the group. Phones connected on chats. 20K livestream show.


Chat is very important to help people interact. Innovation  vs real world open minds : engagement is the key ; maybe it enhances the fan relation. Redefines relation artist w/ majors.


A bunch of different ways. New category : unrelease songs, going to the physical live experiment. Chat is no enough. Touring became a catalyst for music creation. Performance are lowered.


2/  what are the possibilities tech offer ?


We try to do our best to please our clients. Do somthg to keep flame alive. A new medium needs a new langage ! It won’t work. Keeping contact w/fans via new media. But 5k people connected ↘ no chat. But for a bunch of days, it is possible to extend the community. Streaming has been here for many years. Needs really a new langage.


3/  Everything began w/ game. The rôle of emoji terms and commands to help living in a new langage. Adapting… if people want to live a streaming life it’s ok, there’s room for it. If you jump in it, just go.


4/  e-sports =>  amateurs competitions. Twitch = people have to live it.

Zoom cannot be a sustainable solution. You have to invest in live : lights, camera etc.


5/Innovatin while you need to survive ? Heavy comittment. Whole new thing. It’s not enough to pay money for buying tickets just to play. The elements for a chemical show, you have to do smthg mindblowing : a very full experiment.


6/ Collective ecosystem move : 1st time it happens. Moment for the startups to create… the the competition will return !


7/ Is Livestream the new utopia for young musicians ? Tricky… the market will stabilize, but do this and see what happens. Market to your fans.